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Free Music Trials

Free Music Trials
Free Premium Music Streaming and Downloads

Music streaming and downloads sites are more popular then ever. Offering easy to access to vast selections of music from all over the world. Listen on your computer, smartphone or mp3 player only taking up a fraction of the space of your cd collection.

Emusic say their music downloading website is created by enthusiasts for music enthusiasts. They give you free music downloads; up to 25 free mp3 downloads just for taking the free trial...........find out more: Free MP3 downloads.
With over 34 million songs from 17 different genres to choose from Napster boasts a very impressive back catalogue along with new music via their new releases section and radio stations function You can try this for free for 30 days...........find out more: Free Napster music streaming trial.
Spotify music streaming offers a 30 days free trial. Stream songs, albums, playlists and Spotify radio. Available on your PC and on a range of devices..........find out more: Spotify music streaming trial.

Deezer music streaming boasts millions of ad free songs from lots of different genres. It's very similar to Spotify and includes songs and albums from various decades including today's releases. Free for 30 days..........find out more: Deezer music streaming trial.
Google Play
Google Play's unlimited Music offering allows you access to millions of tracks but also allows you to upload up to 50,000 of your own tunes. There radio functions with unlimited skips and and recommendations to meet your tastes.  You can also buy new music..........Find out more: Google Play Music free trial.
Groove Music free trial
Groove Music streaming from Microsoft is available on various devices. Xbox owners can also stream music videos on your Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Try a 30 day free pass...........find out more: Groove Music 30 days free streaming pass.
amazon prime music free trial
Amazon Prime Music offers over 1 millions song to stream. Currently less than the other streaming options. There are also handcrafted playlists. Try free for 30 days........find out more: Amazon Prime Music free trial.
Tidal free music streaming
Tidal's music streaming service is owned by rapper Jay Z. Offering over 25 millions songs in what they say is "CD quality". You can try this free for 30 days........find out more: Tidal music streaming trial.

Free Music Downloads

Downloading: Download the songs or albums to listen on your mp3 player, computer or smartphone. You buy the music so it's yours to keep forever. Free music download trials offer free music downloads during the trial period, these MP3 downloads are usually yours to keep.

Free Music Streaming

Streaming: For a monthly subscription you can listen to music online via your computer, smartphone and other devices. You never own the music but can usually listen to an unlimited amount of songs for a fixed monthly fee. 

If you are looking for free music online, on your mobile phone or free tunes for your mp3 player, check out these premium free trials.

Check out these music streaming and mp3 download trials. All trials Free and all legal.

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